Thursday, January 28, 2010


I met him exactly two weeks after I wrote this.

He literally just... popped up one day. We met on New Years Eve, through what would turn out to be an ex friend for both of us [for reasons related to us and reasons not]. I dismissed the possibility of any potential almost as quickly as I noticed his good looks. Nothing against him but the truth was, I wasn't particularly lucky in the past and didn't think the tide was changing anytime soon.

Despite the black cloud hanging over my heart, I was my typical self: pleasant and inquisitive, because lord knows I can't pass up chatting up someone new. So I just yapped and yapped and yapped while he listened calmly and attentively, glancing over to me every so often with his deep brown eyes. Over time I saw that we seemed to share a unique perspective and at one point over diner food, we locked into a gaze and I thought we'd had a moment. But as he quickly turned away, so did I, telling myself it was nothing.

About an hour later he planted a kiss on me in my living room, leaving me with his number and surprisingly short of breath.

And two weeks after that night, he asked me to be with him. A month after I put that cry out into the world, I had met him. My boyfriend.

Perplexing, isn't it?

He's compassionate, down to earth, charming, honest and thoughtful. He makes me feel warm and accepted and safe. I love his eyes, his lips, his voice, his mind.

I even adore the "crappy" stuff. He doesn't take my shit and doesn't laugh at all my jokes. But when he does laugh, it's all the better. He has a nasty habit and apparently so do I - and we are working on abolishing these things in light of each other. He's tall and I'm short. He's white and I'm tan [a fact that I seem to be more obsessed with than he].

He is pure and has restored a faith in me I thought was lost.

I was never truly positive I'd meet someone like him. But I scrounged up some courage and put one of my deepest desires out there for all to see. And then I did.

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