Monday, March 15, 2010


Confident people... The dying breed.

For a long time I've been intrigued by the fact that some people are visibly arrogant, while others have a self esteem lower than Antarctica. [You know, the ones where everything seems to cut deep and leave a lasting impression?]

I like to think I fall right in between. Confident enough to stand on my own two feet and not give a hoot what people have to say about it, yet humble enough to relate to others and know that self-improvement is never-ending.

Now what creates a confident, self assured individual in a world that seems to encourage anything but? I have pinpointed a few characteristics that I think are essential and have been very apparent in most of the many different shades of confident people I've encountered.

Confident people are usually very realistic. Real confidence isn't fake or based on false pretenses or petty attributes you see - that's what makes it real. Confident people see things for what they truly are and not what they wish them to be and that allows them to make honest, actual assessments of themselves, the world and others. Confident people realize that they may be not be a dime [for those out of the know, that would mean a perfect 10] but at the end of the day they know they can either sit around and mope about it or accept it and rock the shit out of it. Just ask Ronnie. He rocks that shit outtt.

Confident people are usually very assured in their abilities and usually know that they are one of the best, if not the actual best in what they do/are skilled at. For example, I know I'm a good dancer and a good writer. I know I have great social skills since I'm very adaptable, and I know I'm the smartest as well as the skinniest bitch in New York. These things let me sleep comfortably at night. Lady Gaga knows she makes catchy tunes and is a fantastic lay. I suggest you find things that you're ace at as well, and then own that shit!

Confident people usually don't have difficulty standing alone on an issue or defending their viewpoint. It is not uncommon for a confident individual to defiantly maintain their position no matter who disagrees or what occurs. Even in situations where the confident individual is swayed, it's usually temporary and they find themselves right back in the position that speaks to their heart.

Confident folks don't pay much attention to debbie downers, naysayers, jealous janes, negative ass trolls. The reality is this, people judge others harshly, it has been this way since all time forever. For this reason alone, you can be idolized one day and be disgraced the next. Fuck those hoes! They need to get hobbies and stop exercising jealousy (because from what I heard, it's quite the mental workout). I go with my gut (or context clues) when it comes to deciphering the sincerity of compliments. Anyway, I'm saying all this to say that people's words and opinions and blah blah blahs should be taken with a grain of salt. A huge one.

Unless, of course, you've read it here.

There's lots to be learned from confident people; such as how to be a good speaker, how to pick yourself up from life's inevitable lows and most importantly, how to walk with some serious swag. All these things are vital and ultimately easier to pull off when you're naturally sure of yourself.

Remember to be smart, and if you're not dripping with cool just yet, then fake it till you make it!

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