Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Snippet II

It seems I'm unable to escape my 2 month mark of death regarding relationships and my last was no different. Although he had endearing qualities, he had his share of decidedly bothersome qualities [a nicotine habit, a temper and a complete lack of passion], and that on top of my A-List necessities in a man ultimately led the relationship to its natural death. [And I've been see-sawing with the crush I had before him since he's a narcissistic whore, but I'll delve into that a little deeper later.] Not that I'm looking but, is it so hard to find an intelligent and driven, charming and stylish, honest and urban-esque man in NYC? Somewhere, a chorus says yes.

And somewhere another set of angels sing Hallelujah in celebration of my single-hood. It is truly a wonderful thing, and after every guy I question why I jeopardize it. I'm learning to take my time and really listen to my gut. Not everyone deserves my kindness, time, or 24kt kisses that's for sure. Oh, and regarding second chances... I'm learning to just let people burn in hell the first time. I am not about wasting time anymore, I'm soon to be 22, time is a tickin okay?!
A few months ago, I decided to embark on a new adventure. After being a shopgirl and nanny, I have moved into a new career. I'll be working as a real estate agent. Funny, considering all my mishaps with roommates, apartments, and various real estate agents themselves, but I think this is a job that seems suited for my personality. Plus, it wouldn't hurt to make some real bank, I'm getting to that age you know. I started at a midtown firm on Monday, and because I want to keep my job, that is all I will say.

I went to the DMV to finally get a New York State ID [I had been using my Idaho one all this time - don't ask]  and I made sure to get as naturally prettied up as I could so it wouldn't be a wreck. All that just to blink once she took the picture. No countdown, no warning, just "look into the camera". What an asshole. Now I'm not positive that I blinked, but I'm sure of it. I'll wait till I get the ID in the mail to tell. And if it looks terrible, I will continue using that Idaho ID! No shame! At least I just look chubby in that one.

Summer is coming... yay!!! It's my favorite season, and it always conjures up thoughts of leisure and happiness, although I can't remember the last fun summer I had since the one time I went to D.R. [the Dominican Republic] when I was 9 and even that was slightly dreadful. I don't do El Campo folks! I am a snob, and I am proud.

And that's all for now!

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