Monday, April 26, 2010

ClubLife II

Cielo by Lady Blue

So in news to me, vodka seems to get me tipsy/buzzed/drunk [this is relative] immediately. Or maybe it's the fact that I followed up a free rum and coke with a free cranberry and vodka that was ahem, mostly vodka. Can I just say what is with guys buying/offering women drinks? Are these the same guys who bitch about paying on dates? I wonder.

Being drunk is funny [I use drunk loosely since I have yet to be, and don't plan on trying it]. I'm a happy, sweet, smiley drunk [I think I start to believe I'm a sprite] but I am no less aware. Matter fact I'm quicker and more likely to tell a pervert to "Fuck off !" while inebriated versus sober. So for all those who had plans on getting me wasted and taggin - Errr... sorry to break it to ya.

So last night was a clusterfuck. I went to 230 Fifth - and the venue was beautiful but my experience was not. The cause for partying was some obnoxious Jersey Girl's B-Day party. She wasn't insufferable because she was from Jersey [qu'elle surprise!], she was terrible because she was feeling herself on a level that no one with her average looks and irritating personality should. Anyway, we get in on the account that the bday girl will buy two bottles of whatever alcoholic specialty, courtesy of her Dad's credit card. As soon as we enter, she decides she'd like to split the $600+ tab between the group of 10 or so of us, despite the fact that half of us didn't even know her an hour prior. So me and the group of girls did what I do best, told them to eff off, dispersed into the crowd and proceeded to party the night away with some new people.

My time wasn't totally ugly but it wasn't all that pretty. For some reason, nothing has yet to beat Tenjune as my spot to have a guaranteed good time. Anywho the venue itself was spacious and gorgeous, and I thought all the workers [the bathroom attendants, hosts, bartenders, doormen, bouncers] were all lovely. They always seem to be very kind to me - maybe it's because I have an adorable face, look nice and tend to be a lil sweetie pie when the likka hits my system.

Speaking of guys. I need to learn how to say "No. No I'm not interested." Despite what one might wrongly assume, I'm not a flirt and I'm definitely not an attention whore. With that being said, I still garner a hefty amount of attention - 90% of it being from men who wouldn't have a chance in hell with me. They are usually very interesting looking and by interesting I mean that their facial features usually match that of an exotic animal [I've met quite a few ostriches]. Anyway, being the nice girl that I am, and also accounting for the fact that I love to meet new people; I'll usually engage in a bit of small talk or entertain a PG dance. Since I have a habit of smiling and tend to be very relaxed, guys get the idea that I like them  like that - and as soon as I realize they've assumed that, I freeze and get kind of standoffish. [Can I just say that guys should really stop equating friendliness to flirting! This is an epidemic!] Then I'm accused of being cold and distant, and for some odd reason I care and attempt to explain myself but then they just think I'm making excuses - then the curtains falls and their charade is over. And then we part ways and forget one another and go on with our lives, only to meet someone else and do it again. Such is the club circuit circle of life. I guess this could all be solved by my quickly uttering "Not interested" from jump but I guess I find that kind of... mean? Yeah Lady Blue, miss tell-it-like-it-is, is worried about coming off mean. Yeah I'm trying to figure that one out myself. Maybe I'm engaging and nice because I wanna let them know that I appreciate their mustering of courage? I want people to feel their best, you know? Ahhh well. In the end, I let them down gently - and I guess that's all that matters.

The top three questions men ask me is my name and age "Lady Blue - 21", where I'm from to which I say "New York, of course!", and what's my ethnicity to which I make them guess. Sometimes they get it right, and sometimes they ask me if I'm from Washington Heights [I guess, to amuse/offend me]. I usually respond with something like "Do I look like I'm from Washington Heights?!" to which they usually shake their head no. Truthfully, unless I'm going to a museum or someone's brownstone, I really don't hang out above 59th st. And even then my adventures only extend to the 80s at most. So sue me.

But before I digress...

"In New York, the current clubs for the rich and famous and those who want to meet them are 1Oak, Avenue, Provocateur, and SL. Rose Bar and Boom Boom Room don’t do bottle service and are thus considered on the outskirts of its culture, though the latter, with its notoriously tough door policy, is the most exclusive late-night venue in town. Greenhouse, Juliet, Tenjune, and the rest are middle-of-the-road. Former hot spot Marquee is virtually off the radar for the cool crowd, having been all but replaced by its owners—Noah Tepperberg and former Uchitel beau Jason Strauss—with Avenue. Clubs have a short life span, and generally the owners of one that’s gone stale will open another instead of revamping the old, keeping the old one around to make money off the people who couldn’t get in when it was hot." - NYMAG 

This was something I found interesting, and also something I've heard echoed from people who are in the nightlife scene. Nightlife is so orchestrated. "Models" and promoters [aka glorified pimps] are hired to attract pretty faces - lines are held to make things seem as though the place is packed - Bouncers and security are terribly rude and unnecessarily exclusive... All to create this facade that NYC is hot and is the place to be. If it was so hot, there wouldn't be so much pretending going on... It's all a fucking sham folks! 

But I'm still in it to win it. I'm just reppin' for my town y'all!

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