Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Time is our most valuable asset because you only have it once, and once you spend it, it's impossible to get back.

Spending money on things that are really important or the things that need the most work will make your dollar go farther. I drop more dollars on quality natural food and skin care products than I'll drop on T-shirts and skinny jeans. And in the future I know I'm more interested in a nice house in a great neighborhood than a decent 2 bedroom with a closet full of Birkins.

Here's a quote I love that goes along with both of those sayings: Each of us reveals our true priorities by how we spend two things: our money and our time... When we are aware of how we spend those two resources, we can shift them to align with our values.

Style is really about a great fit, balanced proportions and mix of color, pattern and texture.

Blond hair is only for the fair-skinned. I know this, and I know this for sure.

So many small things take away from your credibility - whether it's white lies, being consistently late, or a tattoo on your face.

If you want a successful and happy life you must make good decisions, you must take your life seriously and you have to be a go-getter. There is no other way. Period.

Being a highly attractive woman of color will eliminate most, if not all racism one would experience as an average woman of color. With that being said, the amount of sexism and misogyny you experience as a highly attractive woman will be triple that of any average woman of any race.

Faking and fronting especially in love and relationships only gets you an artificial result. Nothing wrong with flirting and keeping it lighthearted with someone you like but I wouldn't advise playing mind games and pretending as if you're not digging them because all that does is waste time and as we've already learned, one's time is extremely important.

Being independent and taking care of yourself and your own things/life will never backfire. Ever. I promise you that.

The key to life is... dun dun dun... balance. Nothing in excess, nothing in deficit. I strongly believe that even too much of something good will work to your detriment. If you're not sure what balance entails, think of opposites and try to find a middle ground between them. Another good word is "well-rounded". If you argue the necessity of balance in one's life, you might just be imbalanced.

Everyone likes a confident and happy person. And those who appear not to, are just envious.

More to come in the "Advice + Prosperity" category...

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