Friday, November 19, 2010


Here is Oprah's Magazine [the current December 2010 issue that's out on newsstands now].

Here is the 'Letters to the Editor' page:

Notice anything?

Well, look closer:

See the bubble second to the left? That's me! That's my twitter handle!

A noble tweeter brought my attention to this, and if it weren't for her I would've never known that a simple question I answered on twitter two months ago had hit the printed page! After I Oh my Gawd! ed for five minutes it sunk in.

Lady Blue has been quoted in O magazine!!!

My actual response to O Magazine's query of "What does power mean to you?" was: "Being a strong wise balanced person so much so, that others recognize and respect you for it... that to me is POWER!" which I think carries a slightly different and more powerful meaning than what they edited it down to... but at the end of the day - a tweet that I sent to Oprah with no second thought ended up in her magazine so hey, no complaints here.

And I mean... fuck... it's two days later and I'm still kinda like...  HOLY SHIT. So yeah.

p.s. - Can I just mention how funny/strange/ironic it is that her cover this month is all BLUE?!?!


Be succinct and keep it classy :)