Monday, February 14, 2011

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The ubiquitous Gala Darling

Now that I've gotten comfortable with my role/title/position as a blogger, I got an idea to break down some of the other blogs I read. I visit a lot of different websites but there are very few I can count as favorites. I like people who can talk about everyday experiences and life in a frank, yet still refreshing way. I enjoy well rounded blogs [like mine], with topics that vary and a writing style that is honest, eloquent, and consistent. So here they are, in order of my favorite to my least favorite.

Penelope Trunk is a career blogger who often manages to mix her career advice and observations with frank and raw tales of her woes and current dilemmas. She has asperger's syndrome and although she is high-functioning, it's a topic she often discusses as a hindrance in her life. I say, who friggin cares, as she is one of the more intelligent and introspective bloggers out there. Her posts are so well-executed and thorough and there is such a humanity in her expression that is really beautiful. I feel like she has an interesting way of putting ideas together and all her written details become substantial components in helping the wheels in my head turn. I think she draws interesting conclusions about the world around us, and although some of her assessments aren't totally evident to me initially, a few seconds later I realize she's completely right. She has a pretty good handle on the working world and how all that shit works and I really appreciate that because I sure as hell don't.

I also like Decorno. I'm not a decor junkie or even interested in interior design like that, but I read because I just love her "Well, what the fuck is this?" tone and interesting observations. Plus her blog is short and punchy. [Usually.] And the decor-related stuff is often pretty eye-catching.

Gala Darling really isn't one of my favorite blogs for content but I check her page frequently because I feel like I can learn a lot from the empire she has built. Basically I see her as one of the few girls who's on top of the blogging game and therefore my direct competition. I highly doubt that even half of her income comes from her blog and I get a little sick of her manic pixie doused in cupcake scented glitter routine, but hey that's her shtick and it works on the impressionable minds of her naive readers. Now if only I could get you bastards to adore my incessant complaining the same way her crinolines eat up her sugar fairy exclamation points, I'd be set to go! I also heard she can be a bit callous and bitchy towards her fans in person and that's a major no-no in my book. Her carousels [her weekly round-up of interesting tidbits and links from all around the internet] are the only posts that I thoroughly enjoy.

IMBOYCRAZY is on my roster because Alexi Wasser is so hopelessly pathetic in the most adorable way. She's irritating and neurotic but completely harmless and her blind leading the blind posts are entertaining and the stuff of golden/genius dreams [I couldn't pick one!]. Those posts are akin to Gala's carousel posts [her weekly links from across the web round-up] and always keep me coming back. Also let me not forget that the girl has traffic out the wazoo, and one simple comment on one of her posts will easily garner me 25 hits the next day. No joke. Also, go LA!

Another LA blogger I read is this crazy bitch Coke Talk. I like her sparingly only because man if that bitch wasn't so open about being on something I could've surely predicted it. I mean her tagline is "Shady advice from a raging bitch who has no business answering any of these questions" so I mean, yeah. You can tell by the way she answers questions and her apparent life philosophies that she lives a privileged life, but only after going through some tough shit [she's hinted to a near death experience once or twice]. Although she is anonymous, I knew her type from jump. I'll bet money she's somewhere in her thirties [based on life experience alone] and white... but not just any Caucasian... she's definitely no wasp. Also the college degrees and the job somewhere high up in entertainment blah blah blah are clues. You're just not at that point in your twenties unless you didn't have any fun, and we know that bitch has had more fun than all the skeezers in 6 sorority houses combined. Although a little thesaurus heavy, a good portion of her advice is very pointed, necessary and spot on but the rest of it is like, okay bitch, go back to snorting lines and lying spread eagle on silk sheets in the Hollywood Hills somewhere. For humanity. Her appeal lies in the simple fact that this country is made up of cowards and she says the things that need to be said, often in a not so nice way. I read because her bluntness reassures me that some people's brains are still ticking, despite often feeling that the drugged-up slore is a hedonist trainwreck. She does have excellent taste in music and pretty things though. As a privileged bitch should.

So as far as bloggers, those are the only broads I can stand to read. I read The Glamourai here and there but I prefer blogs with more substance and her writing is far too sparse and elusive, and I sometimes read The Chloe Conspiracy but besides the cool outfits, I find her a bit annoying - she's kind of like a chihuahua. I read some other blogs for fun but a chuckle here and there does not a favorite make. I like some tumblrs but c'mon friends: That's not real writing and it never was. Speaking of tumblrs, check out mine! More BlueShame madness, just now bite-sized. Enjoy!

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