Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sex and the City part une

I love this picture. The movie[s] sucked though.

What is there to say that hasn't already been said about this iconic show? [For a quick background on the characters and all six seasons click here.] A lot of critics knock the show in their reviews, seeming slightly annoyed with its overwhelming popularity and its metamorphosis into a cultural phenomenon. So instead of ranting about the show [which I happen to think was supremely well done], I will share my thoughts on it and then address the oft repeated complaints of the SATC naysayers in part deux.

I think the show was very well done and believe it to be one of the sharpest portrayals of modern urban women to ever hit the small screen. I appreciated that the producers tried to make the womens' makeup and hair look self-done and their apartments look "lived in". I liked that many different NYC neighborhoods were showcased quite realistically and beautifully. The dialogue was fresh [thank Miranda for some of the best lines of the series], the scenery was realistic [Carrie's mismatched furniture and erratic looking apartment was spot on], and the characters were memorable [someone made mention that Carrie's trio of best friends reflected her personality, or even that of the average woman - which when you think about it is so true: we're all slutty, demure and cynical in our own ways]. I thought the experiences were accurate; from dating freak after freak in NYC, to commitment vs. constant crushing, to the one who got away, to the one who never was. To being heartbroken yet hopeful, to making hard and life-changing decisions, to saying I'm sorry, to giving people a chance. It was all there.

And at the risk of sounding crazy, the best match for Carrie was not the Russian [obviously too old and too cold], definitely not Big [too toxic and too detached] and certainly not Aidan [too good and too down to earth], but Berger. Berger was Carrie's most realistic match and I'm surprised nobody else caught that when they threw that in there. The poor sap was the male version of Carrie: marginally good-looking, a writer, neurotic, paranoid and hopelessly hung up on his ex. It's not surprising that he pussied out the way he did and that Carrie threw the fit that she did after. So truthfully, they'd never work because they were simply too much alike. But, that explains why Carrie was attracted to him to begin with.

Carrie was certainly a nut but I was surprised at how people criticized her since I've seen real-life women do crazier shit on a regular weekday. But bored people always have some shit to say. Anyway. She was very flawed but that made her refreshingly normal. I also peeped how they picked the least attractive actress [at least facially] to play the blond lead, and made the most attractive actress brunette and terribly irritating. That was an interesting take. My favorite characters were Carrie and Miranda obviously. As for men, I wasn't too keen on any of them except Aidan and Steve and even that's a stretch.

Of course there were unrealistic elements to the show, the tightly knit quad friendship being the main jarring one. For four successful and largely petty women, they always had plenty of time to meet up and hang out and never seemed to have any beef with one another. One could argue that these lunches were a priority though and that they preferred to put their differences aside rather than bicker about them.

What else? Most of the fashion was a hot ass unwearable mess. Samantha and Charlotte were underdeveloped characters and were so stereotypical it was hard to take them seriously. Charlotte and Miranda were both openly elitist with the brunette being more snobby and the redhead being more prejudiced. Miranda's marriage to Steve was terribly unrealistic - she would've stayed linked with the black guy [the foine but a little too pretty Blair Underwood] or just stayed a single mom. And Carrie and Big would have never married in real life either. Those two were just so bad for each other and could have never built a solid foundation on mere sexual chemistry and the shittiest level of communication on earth. Plus she was poor scraping by, he was loaded, he'd been divorced a zillion times already, Carrie wasn't much of a trophy, and she really only wanted him so he could upgrade her. Let's be real here. But who knows, maybe they had some maturity and real beating hearts underneath all those pasty wrinkles and unspoken words.

And shit, what do I know? I'm not in the business of selling dreams.

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