Saturday, April 30, 2011


Somebody's naked.

I spent about 30 minutes that I'll never get back reading some girl's blog, which consisted of post after post detailing her male troubles and the various selfish, ungrateful and sneaky bastards coming in and out of her life. Women complaining is nothing new, it's often a feature of my female to female conversations. I swear, no matter what topic they start in on, they always end up discussing guys. Either the crappy effects of dating hit women ten times harder than men, or women are just more apt to blow things out of proportion. I hate to generalize but I'm stating this based on what I observe.

I mean I've had my moments. But that's the thing, I understand having a moment here and there but for some women it's this bad luck saga. Is it really that serious? Is there nothing else in your life that takes precedence over all the losers you encounter? Must you murder all hope with your negative "men ain't shit" tirades? For all my frustrating and piddly experiences with the opposite sex, I have never let them muddy my view of the entire male gender. In short ladies; make better choices, learn how to read people, and most importantly, listen to your gut. If he walks like a snake and talks like a snake, well guess what? And besides all that, life goes on. There are greater curve balls to face in life than guys who only think with their dick and are afraid to commit.

But this isn't about other women and their dating misfortunes. This is about me. So now I'll segue into the real heart of my post. So. I'm going to be 23 in 1 month! and as I get older I find that things are changing. I'm moving forward, becoming relatively stable, pursuing my dreams/goals, and more and more I've become disinterested in the friends around me. I've just been living life and throughout all that, I've been having this pounding, recurring thought. And what came of it was that I've decided to change my approach regarding dating and relationships. I've realized that I'm ready to seriously date. *cue Kelly Clarkson's "Miss Independent" [Don't act like that song wasn't the jam!]* I've never officially dated or had a real relationship [they all lasted 2 months tops]. Since I was in my teens, I always got to know guys in the "let's see what this one is all about" way, and my curiosity had more to do with my fascination with people's inner workings than trying to explicitly cultivate a romantic relationship. I never asked guys what they were looking for because I didn't want the question turned back on me. I always knew I was the marrying kind and knew I wanted an eventual serious relationship, but not when I was still figuring my life out. Because the truth was, even if I had met someone suitable to be with when I was 16-22 years old, the seriousness of what I wanted and needed from a relationship scared me. So I avoided it. But for the first time in my life, I feel I'm truly ready for the commitment and work a solid relationship would require. I'm not scared or even disillusioned anymore. As a matter of fact, I'm quite excited.

My, how the tide turns.

But what does this all mean?

It means I'll have to be unabashedly upfront about what I want, I'll have to immediately rule out guys that aren't mature or serious, and I'll have to cancel guys who don't believe in marriage.*

Or I could say 'Screw all that' and just hand out copies of my A-List along with my picture and phone number down there on Wall St. Call me boys!

*I don't know how to explain my thoughts on marriage succinctly but I'll try anyway. I'm not the type that has dreamed about marriage my whole life [or even 1/8 of my life] or the type to tell a man that must be married!!! with some insane urgency, but I do feel that marriage is the next logical step for a happy and loving couple. I feel that many people's aversion to marriage has a base that is steeped in fear, selfishness, or distrust. And that's not the type of person I'm interested in being with anyway, ring or no ring. Not only that, but I refuse to raise children out of wedlock because I have not come this far to be some dude's baby mama. Hell to the naw. *whips hair*

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  1. that is such a sexy picture!! ahaha yo quiero una asi con mi maridooooo..ahaha


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