Wednesday, August 31, 2011


You're catching me at 5:30am, after a splendid second visit to my latest favorite spot SUTRA bitch.
I had three drinks [smirnoff ice, rum & coke, corona] which in my world = tipsy. So therefore that's what I am at this very moment.
Last time I stayed mostly upstairs on the hip-hop floor, but this time my lively dancing partner and I decided to work it out downstairs [mostly because the upstairs was muggy and playing like 70s soul music]. I had a fantastic time on the "reggae floor"... reggae always lifts a girl's spirits, and I needed some lifting after fucking Irene and then catching a wack cold ya dig.
But something interesting/amazing happened tonight. Someone recognized me from the internet! More specifically, twitter/tumblr. Like to the point that her and homegirl were whispering next to me trying to figure out if it was "me". So then the homegirl taps me on the shoulder and asks me if I'm on twitter, and I say yeah and give her my screename, and then the main girl is like, yeah you follow me on tumblr, you have blue in your name and you're from New York and I recognize your hair and I was just like "Cool" because in my head I was like "Is this a practical joke?"
And then I was like goddamn why am I so cynical, I should have been nicer to her, she was just being nice/starstruck or whatever.
I have fucking arrived.
Anyways, after hours of grooving to reggae and my saying hi and bye to random people, and apologizing for bumping into folk and then saying hi to Steve, a bouncer I recognized from this other venue, me and my girl friend left and went to Velselka where I gave my business card to random diner, and me and my dancing partner blabbered on and on to this sweet waitress who just wanted to go home.
If you're wondering what my business card looks like, it looks like this:
So fresh and so clean.
Goddamit I love this city.
Anonymous sutra admirer, reveal yourself.
p.s. - You do not even know the amount of spell checking I did on this shit... okay.

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