Friday, October 21, 2011

The Strut

I just purchased these unbelievably sexy shoes [the Scarlett pump by Sam Edelman] this week, but unfortunately, they have to go back. The heel is 5 inches high, and while I can manage that height with certain shoes, these make me feel like my ankle is going to snap at any moment. Scary. I was surprised by that though because Sam Edelman usually makes uber comfortable shoes [which is why I love the brand].

So I'm now I've been eyeing these adorably foxy shoes as a replacement [the Marina pump] - and just as I prepared to sit down and nab the first pair I saw, I realized it comes in a handful of colors and combinations, and I need help choosing.

Here are my top 3:

The red ones are a bright splash of color and are a bit spicy, and they serve another useful purpose: they'd make my ethnicity easily identifiable to others. [Which is important to someone who gets questioned all the time.]

The purple pair provide a needed pop of color while still blending effortlessly with my mostly cool-toned wardrobe. Plus it was once the color of royalty. [And we all know how I feel about myself.]

These blue bad boys are in the running because I've been looking for a sharp yet not-so-blatant blue shoe, and this pretty lil silk number might be it. [Also, I've been dreaming about a blue shoe.]

I just found this J. Crew shoe [the Viv printed pump] and I'm digging it... but I feel like if I tilt my head just so, they look a little matronly. Also the price feels a bit too high for what is a somewhat, stuffy shoe.

Is there a clear winner? Leave your thoughts in the comments!


  1. listen to this song. it should help you decide. (not a fan of the artist, but the song is dope)

    Blue High Heels by Ray-J

  2. Thank you anon, that was eerily fitting :)

  3. I love the studded ones! Too bad they didnt work out. I might be getting some for myself now.


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