Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Changing my mind

...like I change clothes. What would a title like that be without the hit? 

Also, how good is the: "Coming in?"... "Love to."... "Nope!" in the beginning?!


I always have a million ideas running through my mind. And that seems like a great thing until suddenly, something I seemed so passionate about a week ago is now relegated to being a plan B. [Which did actually happen.] And for a second I felt guilty about flip flopping on what I want to do with my time until I remembered two things: I'm still young as ______, and when it comes to my life choices: I have no one to answer to!

What a feeling.

I also realized: It's okay to change your mind, especially because sometimes, no matter how meticulously you plan, some dreams just never come to fruition. Sometimes, something else takes its place instead.

So although a few blogs ago I expressed a strong desire to try my hand at back up dancing [a desire I still have, albeit not as strong], other wants have won out, specifically: Visiting Paris [and potentially London and Barcelona as well] in the Spring, saving up a neat[er] little nest egg, and getting my head above water career-wise. 

[Did I tell you I'm also trying to get on the radio? Oh yeah. Not only am I sharp, quick-witted and interesting, but I have the ultimate radio friendly voice. Needless to say, I think I'm a necessary asset to NY radio.]

Maybe I'm reverting back to my low-risk methods, maybe I spent all my dance class money on winter essentials [like cozy sweaters, swingy coats and suede boots], or maybe I'm just realizing that I don't want to run into LA headfirst like my impatience sometimes causes me to do. Perhaps it's not the right time for that big move, and I should wait a little bit longer.

But then again, when you really want something, any time is a good time. 

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