Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Doing G.O.O.D. Doing Great

I think it's such a shame when I come across seemingly smart guys who make a living [and a name] by capitalizing from the ignorant facets of the ghetto. Instead of changing the "of color" landscape – they prefer to continue perpetuating mindless stereotypes because that's where the money [and internet fame] is at.

I don't care about popularity. If I did, BlueShame would be a fashion & celebrity blog, I'd have Kardashian-esque extensions down to my ass with my lips glossed in a jarring shade of pink and more “outfit of the moment” posts than there are days in the year.

We all know the formula to popularity because we're surrounded by it. You don't get any props for following the formula.

So I said all that to say that I was pleasantly surprised to see the talented men of G.O.O.D. Music representing themselves RIGHT. [Kanye West, Pusha, Kid Cudi, Common, John Legend, Two Chainz and Q-Tip just to name those pictured above.] See? There is a way to stay true to who you are and not embarrass your brethren! Now I can't speak for these fellas' personal lives, but I consider each and every one of them to be unique talents - artists in the truest sense of the word - and their union as a hit-making group not only feels ingenious, it feels genuine.

The interview displays the love and respect they have for one another, and it's a camaraderie that can't be faked. [I love when people play nice together!] Although today's Hip Hop doesn't always make me proud, I look forward to their ensemble record Cruel Summer this September.

Check out their behind the scenes video below. [Their collective eloquence made me swoon]:

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