Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Over It III

It's a new year, and yet, I find myself here again, lamenting all the things I am absolutely, positively OVER. Enjoy.

People who talk mad shit about what they're up to when they ain't up to shit:
This is self explanatory. Couple all that shit-talking with a dead end job in the ubiquitous and all too vague 'sales', and you can REALLY miss me with all your yip yap. 

The headlines full of derogatory racist slurs with white writers in the bylines:
Did we forget the Nigga bitch and Chink Lin fiascoes that were all over the blogs not too long ago? It is completely inappropriate to bring peoples race into a non racial discussion this way. I'm sick of this. Why exactly is this a problem? Because as much as America likes to delude itself, this country is nowhere near post-racism to allow this to slide. It's not that non-whites lack a sense of humor, it's that things like this are not seen as funny when many of us face similar jabs in our daily lives, the difference being that the perpetrators in the “real world” are often willfully ignorant and dead serious. And the writers and editors can miss me with their predictable faux apologies, full of clueless and careless statements like “I'm sorry you were offended.” Oh that's not what you meant? Okay. Say what the fuck you mean the first time so that you don't end up groveling and apologizing for your subconscious racism later. See? Easy. 

The use of the word “female” to refer to women:
This is one of those things that I've only seen men of color do. The word female strips a woman of her humanity, and it begs the question, female what? Female dog, female bird, female pig?! Female woman doesn't make sense, and therein lies the problem. Imagine if women referred to men as “males”. It just sounds wrong, ignorant and misinformed. I find 'woman' and even 'girl' more appropriate than the basic sex identifier “female”. But when addressing me, feel free to use 'Lady', of course. 

Cosmetic companies that are drowning in a sea of milk:
In all too many brands of makeup, I am the last or second to last shade available. Sometimes there isn't even a shade available that matches my skin color. This is ridiculous, especially since I have the same light tan skin tone as Denise Vasi and Vanessa Hudgens. What are girls darker than me supposed to buy? Do cosmetic companies expect us to slather ourselves in mud?! And please miss me with the lazy "one shade fits all" products currently on sale. Becca has an amazing range [with more than 30 shades of foundation/concealer available], as do the more limited but still extensive palettes by NARS, Bobbi Brown and MAC. Iman specializes in makeup for darker skin tones, as well as a few other drugstore brands [although I find their formulations to be cheap and chalky]. But those brands are only a handful out of the hundreds of makeup brands that exist. Cosmetic companies need to stop ignoring us [us = women with a butterscotch to dark chocolate complexions!]

The poison that America repackages and calls food: 
...and the lies that they want to sell as nutrition. And I'm not just talking about McDonalds and fast food. But don't take my word for it! Get thee to a flat screen and watch Food Inc. Get educated, and thereafter make healthy choices. You'll feel better, you'll look better and as an added bonus, you'll get your taste buds back. 

I don't have have an instagram account and I never will, so y'all can stop asking me now. Why? I don't feel the need to show the nosy world what I'm doing on a daily basis, I don't need the validation from people I don't care about and men I'd never date, I have enough stalkers/obsessed followers as it is and I never remember to take pictures of myself or my surroundings anyhow. How many struggle meals, coveted yet unpurchased luxurious items, Kim K/Rhianna/Beyonce wannabes and cellulite-ridden asses perched ever so carefully on bathroom sinks does one need to see? How many memes, Forever 21 outfit-of-the-days, bottle service club nights and new Jordan photos does one need to view before enough is enough? I had my fill of shit photography after perusing only a handful of profiles.

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