Thursday, March 7, 2013

My Latest Likes

Read on for this week's compilation of things that held my interest:

NYC loves quirky curly-haired girls!
Yeah yeah. I'm just getting into this show like a bazillion years after it left the air. Whatever. I'm not a big TV watcher, but I also didn't realize this show was set in NYC [while the main character attends a school modeled after NYU] - the location and “college experience” being the only reasons I decided to tune in to it now via Netflix. It's cute. Felicity is your average, pretty-ish, brainy awkward chick, and Ben and Noel are good-looking and endearing in their own ways. I'm sure I can read all the spoilers to figure out what eventually happens, but for now I'll just patiently watch.

These cupcakes are pretty much close to perfect. They are precisely moist and are outfitted with a proportionate layer of frosting that isn't tooth-achingly sweet. Red Velvet is of course a popular favorite here, but I don't fuck with that dessert too tough because let's face it, it's nothing but red food coloring. I prefer the vanilla on vanilla, and it's just right.

American Horror Story: Murder House
OH. FUCKING. KAY. Again, I know I'm late, but who cares. This show is wild as all hell... it was gory, tragic, poorly/incredibly acted and completely campy at times... yet I couldn't turn away. I watched the entire first season in one sitting, and after every single episode caught myself saying "What the fuck?!" Moira the maid was a genius plot device and Tate - the true monster of the show - was incredibly written and portrayed. And I can't forget Constance, whose blunt honesty you hate to love. You should watch this show for those three alone. Some episodes were especially hard to watch: episode 6 "Piggy Piggy" and episode 10 "Smoldering Children" gave me some serious stomach pains. The finale left much to be desired, but the rest of the season delivers.

Speaking of more TV!!! Enlightened just wrapped up its second season this past Sunday and man... what a heck of a show. It centers around a bunch of elements I don't particularly care about [corruption within corporations, healthy living kooks], but the acting is superb, especially Laura Dern's portrayal of Amy Jellicoe... who is heart-achingly cringe-worthy in almost every scene she's in. My favorite is when she goes from righteous do-gooder to shrieking mad-woman right before your eyes, which she does, often. It tugs at the heartstrings without making you feel corny and it makes you think without beating you over the head with affirmations or life-changing lessons. Well done, Mike White [who plays the lonely and boyishly shy Tyler and also writes the show].

The East Village 'The Smith' - steps away from Union Square

The Smith
I first saw this restaurant mentioned in a friends Facebook feed. The menu sounded great, so when the time came, me and my newest girlfriend Danielle decided to check it out. Four hours, a drink, a meal and a dessert later and we were beyond satisfied. The food is a nice twist on American classics, everything tasted just right, and the ambiance was sparse yet urbane without seeming too bare or pretentious. As expected, it's slightly on the pricy side, but that hasn't stopped me from adding it to my list of faves. I am a baller, after all.

Theresa Duncan & Jeremy Blake
Two attractive and well-to-do NYC artists, both with considerable achievements, take their own lives a week apart from each other in July of 2007 [just weeks before I moved to the city]. What drove them to do it? Scientology, gangstalking, and CIA take some of the purported blame. I stumbled across the intriguing story of “The Golden Suicides” after learning that a Law & Order show was inspired by the deceased couple. After reading tons of articles and opinions on the pair, I have my own theory as to how it all came crashing down. Occam's razor comes to mind – the first thing I thought of - besides narcissism - was the potential abuse of hallucinogens. Drugs, combined with paranoia and entitled narcissism, possessed in full by the matriarch of the relationship: Theresa Duncan, is my guess. I believe she killed herself because her life wasn't keeping up with her delusions, the story she told others, her persona; and she felt at near 40 that time was running out. She was smart enough to deflect and blame Scientology - an external variable known for reprehensible and questionable practices - and most people fell for it. Jeremy whose career was flourishing, was the "Echo" of the relationship, and he obediently followed despite all he had going for him. Fascinating stuff, but with a simple and conclusive motive.

L.A.M.B. Oxley Pumps
Although they don't show off any toe cleavage in the way that I'd hoped, these shoes were way worth the dozen or so Jacksons I laid down for them. At 4.5 inches, they are the highest heel I own, and the blue crocodile-esque leather was an eye-catching must. Plus they look like pure sex on my feet, and after years of buying cutesy shoes littered with bows and glitter, I was desperate for something more grown. This shoe effortlessly fits the bill.

Gala Darling's Blogging Tips
Don't get me wrong, she annoys me, and I still can't fight the nagging feeling that she's a complete fake [I don't buy the sugary princess “I'm so happy and full of virtuous glee!” shtick she extolls so faithfully on her site – plus I had a meeting with her once, and it didn't go well] but homegirl is THE lifestyle blogger/brand poster child. She took that glittery cupcake persona and bodied that shit, even going so far as to changing her name from the kinda regular Amy Pappe to the infamous 'Gala Darling' that she regales us with now. I have to admit, for that fact alone? Swag. With all that being said about her positives, she's obviously one to listen to when it comes to stepping up your blog game. I didn't learn anything new from her tips, it was just a good reminder of what I needed to do on some fronts – like, get organized and add new features ["my latest likes" being one of them]!

Trader Joes S'mashing S'mores
A week or so before buying these, it dawned on me that I hadn't eaten a s'more in years. And I thought to myself "Well, why the hell not?” So when I saw these at Trader Joe's, it was like a sign from GAWD to buy and consume ASAP. I pop em in the microwave for a few seconds, and I'm telling you, after that goodness hits my tastebuds, it's like a few seconds of fireside bliss.

My Latest Likes in Music:
"I follow rivers" - Lykke Li [All versions!]
"So much betta" - Janet Jackson
"Midnight City" - M83
"Supposed to grow old" - Justin Nozuka
"Drugs" - Lil Kim

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