Sunday, December 15, 2013

My thoughts on Money

Okay so I constantly feel like I have a million and one thoughts/opinions on the world and life and how things work. So I decided I'll break the topics down and write about them one by one. So this is the first dive into my mind.

Money is a piece of a paper with an old white man's face on it to which we have attributed value. Someone made cash up a long time ago, and I guess everyone thought it was a good idea because it caught on and folks went with it [as if mankind needed any more problems]. We believe that a bill displaying Franklin's face is somehow different than a bill displaying Washington's, even though they are both printed on the same exact paper in a similar fashion. But that's just programming, which is a whole nother story.

Money is a tool, one which has a unanimously agreed upon value, to which most people incorrectly assign personal value. There is an psychological heft that comes with being "broke" or "rich" or "wealthy". People who attach their worth to the amount of money they have are people who still seek happiness or fulfillment in material things. People such as these have a long way to go.

Ultimately money is an asset in the society that we created. Saving for goals is smart, although I don't believe in socking it all away for a rainy day or just because. Spend it now. Use it to your advantage and invest. Make yourself comfortable. Enjoy yourself, splurge a little. Ask for a raise. Heck, in a world where athletes and stars make more money than some third world countries, what we "deserve" is relative. 

I use it as a tool, save for goals, and plan on continuing to live quite comfortably. We have to maintain no matter what we do, so might as well maintain on a livable income. We only need money because we make each other pay to live on earth. So you know, you literally can't live without it. And that's probably the saddest part. 

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