Friday, May 16, 2014

Maybe I've been reading too much Penelope Trunk, but I have a five year plan:

And it goes a little something like this:

I've tailored my dating search to focus only on successful men. This means white collar professionals, or those making at the very least $80,000 a year or more. No blue collar types, no guys still in school, no doctors even, and definitely no con artists or hustlers. So the pool I've honed on are pretty much rich guys. And not counting the guys who are arrogant assholes, these men seem to be split evenly into two camps.

Camp A) A woman needs to pull her own weight alongside me.
Camp B) I will work hard enough for the both of us.

Guess which camp I am working at this summer? Although truthfully I prefer a blend of both camps, and a while back was more into Camp A, the only camp for me is Camp B. Why? Many reasons.

One, the men in Camp B have more of my desired attributes – kind, loving, considerate. I want a man to be captivated by me, to want to spoil me, and be receptive to being taken care of in return. One of my deepest secrets is that I want to spoil and be spoiled by a mate, forever and ever. That's just my personality, and I'd like for my partner to share that trait.

The second reason is that, if I have kids - which most high earning men seem to want, because they have the provider gene, and need to feel like all their hard work is worth something - anyway, if I have kids, I plan on raising them myself. No nannies for me, at all whatsoever. I don't even want a housekeeper, mostly because I like to clean. It relaxes me. But back to my original point, if I have kids, I plan on raising them, and that's at least 4 years at home for each kid, and if I have my way, I'll have three. Two boys and a girl. That's a lot of time at home, raising wayward babies into model citizens. There would be no point in ramping up a career, only to scale it all the way back when I'm in a position to raise babies.

But this brings me back to a choice I made just two and a half years ago. I decided to quit the workforce and work for myself, virtually. This was for two reasons, one that the present me would benefit from and one that the future me would benefit from. The present reason was to allow me the ability to travel, and the second reason was so that in the future, I wouldn't drop out of the workforce completely. I'd still have my books, and my creative things, and my various income producing channels; as any entrepreneur should.

I'm serious about living life in the best possible way for me, and it's obvious that I've been making steady plans since I was old enough to have agency. It shocks me that other people do not live life as right.

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