Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Random II

The necklace I just had custom made cause it's the fuggin truth!

Okay. Another random post. Don't be mad. There's just too much swirling around in my head to pin down one topic.

I am happy. Lots of things are happening. Lots of things are changing.

Yoga. Ink. Piano. French. Hip Hop Freestyle. Travel. France. Miami. Novels. Poems. Paintings. Inner peace. Inner love. Inner soul.

Lady Gaga is still inspiring me to be all that I can be. Power to that woman.

Plenty of people hate me right now [and many more will in the future]. My friends haven't seen me in weeks. Who pays my bills though? Who gets shit done? My pretty life is only seen through my own pretty eyes. Also, I does what I wants. I gets busy.

I'm really not liking Facebook. My reasoning is that I already keep up with my real friends in real life. What do I need with a Facebook for contact? Never did I think I'd despise a social networking site more than myspace... but Twitter's got gold and Facebook is runner up. All I do on Twitter is talk salacious shit. It is mighty fun.

The New York Times is where it's at. Also GOTHAM magazine! Everything in that magazine is high end and legitimately awesome.*drools* They are really out of control with that $70 1-year subscription though! For a magazine?! That must be a joke.

My book was coming along nicely... but I've been busy.

Is it as funny to you as it is to me that so many ugly people think they're attractive and so many average people think they're geniuses? This does not apply to me.

Pretty girls have a bitch pass. It's not fair but it's life. Life's not fair - the game is played dirty. Get used to it.

Karma, destiny, everything happens for a reason, heaven, hell, Jesus Christ, Lucifer, Satan, Demons, Angels, going to hell in gasoline draws are all things people believe in in order to make themselves feel better about the shitstorm we call life. I mean really. Sometimes things and people just suck. Simple as that. Deal with it.

I had a phone interview today where my interviewer immediately asked me to solve a few math problems. I passed with flying colors and walked around with my head held high. I like when I surprise myself. [What's 1/2 + 1/4? I said 3/4. What's .7 + .4? I said 1.1 I am a flippin genius I tell ya]. Too bad I wasn't interested in the job.

I'm not a player I just crush a lot.

It's been three weeks since you've been looking for your friend
The one you let hit it and never called you again'
Member when he told you he was 'bout the Benjamins
You act like you ain't hear him then gave him a little trim
To begin, how you think you really gon' pretend
Like you wasn't down then you called him again
Plus when you give it up so easy you ain't even fooling him
If you did it then, then you probably fuck again
Talking out your neck sayin' you're a Christian
A Muslim sleeping with the gin
Now that was the sin that did Jezebel in
Who you gon' tell when the repercussions spin
Showing off your ass 'cause you're thinking it's a trend
Girlfriend, let me break it down for you again
You know I only say it 'cause I'm truly genuine
Don't be a hard rock when you're really a gem
Babygirl, respect is just the minimum
Niggas fucked up and you still defending them
Now Lauryn is only human
Don't think I haven't been through the same predicament
Let it sit inside your head like a million women in Philly, Penn.
It's silly when girls sell their soul because it's in
Look at where you be in hair weaves like Europeans
Fake nails done by Koreans
Come again, come again, come again, come again, come again
Guys you know you better watch out
Some girls, some girls are only about
That thing, that thing, that thing
The second verse is dedicated to the men
More concerned with his rims and his Timbs than his women
Him and his men come in the club like hooligans
Don't care who they offend popping yang like you got yen
Let's not pretend, they wanna pack pistol by they waist men
Cristal by the case men, still in they mother's basement
The pretty face men claiming that they did a bid men
Need to take care of their three and four kids men
They facing a court case when the child's support late
Money taking, heart breaking now you wonder why women hate men
The sneaky silent men the punk domestic violence men
The quick to shoot the semen stop acting like boys and be men
How you gon' win when you ain't right within?
How you gon' win when you ain't right within?
How you gon' win when you ain't right within?
Come again, come again, come again, come again, come again
Girls you know you better watch out!
Some guys, some guys are only about
That thing, that thing, that thing

Now a quote from Gaga:

"I am totally confident that I am an incredible artist and performer. I am extremely confident about my body, the way I dress, the way I want to look. But I have no confidence when it comes to men. Men are a disaster area for me. It’s so weird because I believe I am super sexy. I believe I am incredible, but I have absolutely no luck with boyfriends."

I feel ya, boo. Time and time again I think "This could be it..." and then the bomb drops. I'm right there with you mama! Life is hard! Hang on!

Interviewer: How did you break into the industry?
Gaga: I was a relentless bitch.

I love her.

Remember to be smart and when in doubt, get inspired by watching Lady Gaga interviews on YouTube.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Ehhhh... it's been awhile I know. I've still been writing, but it's all rough drafts right now. Dammit I've been busy!

So... I suddenly got this idea to write a book. I'll probably do a series of vignettes with a running theme because my attention span sucks lately and that's probably the only way it will get done.

And it needs to get done because I need to make millions. *Laughs out loud*

So I think I'm gonna do that... next month. Along with piano lessons [because I've always wanted to play piano] and yoga [because I need to relax and damn, my back always hurts!]

So what else is new? After getting settled into my new place I realized how much CRAP I have. I'm not really sure why it seems like I have so much more stuff, especially now that I'm in a much bigger room. Tricks I tell ya!

Damn, in two weeks it will be October. Where did this year go? And now the ultimate question: What have I done?

It sucks being a Gemini/indecisive sometimes.

People are perverts.

Making good money feels goooood, but the more money you make, the more money you spend. Frankly I haven't gotten to "spend" much but that's another story in itself. Bills, bills, debts and bills. Also, Suze Orman is a genius! That Young Broke and Fabulous book is no joke.

I am really an adult now. I can feel it. Wow.

I am looking forward to my time off. Hopefully I will keep myself busy and entertained. I am more afraid of being bored than being broke. Perhaps I'm not an adult yet. More importantly, do I have ADD?!

Sigh... lots to do, lots to do.

Although my schedule will change very soon, I am in a good place. I am happy.

A few weeks ago I had a lesson in loneliness... it really opened my eyes up to the fact that I need to [finally] focus on myself [and my happiness] - especially since that's what everyone else is doing. This ties in to something about Michael Jackson and his passing that had me thinking . Isn't it something how one of the most adored and revered artists IN THE WORLD was pretty much left to rot alone in the last years of his life? Yeah he was sick, but the people who are now falling to floor in hysterics over his death, oh, you couldn't help? Oh, my bad. That right there, shows you something about people and the way that they work. Get to know many, trust very few, and depend on no one.

I think the theme of my new novel is "coming of age".... what does that make you think of?

[EDIT: Sep 16 - 9:30PM ]

Patrick Swayzeeee whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!! Why they had to go and do that to me?!?! He was the first [and most likely last] white man I ever loved... Patrick Swayzeeeeeeeeeeee NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! NOBODY PUTS BABY IN A CORNER! WHYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEE SHES LIKE THE WIND!!!!!! Why dammit why. I'm really sad over this.

I've developed a method that seems to be working in hindering my worrying ways. I've been telling myself that what seems so big and important at this moment, will most likely not even be memorable a few weeks from now [really, a few days with my selective ass memory]. And it truly has been working. Because I know how my mind works. It tosses out all the useless garbage... recycles little... and then tosses that back out too. Just like me when it comes to real garbage [I still have not gotten the hang of recycling, nor do I really care. Go ahead! Ship me off to jail!!!]

And I know I just announced it yesterday, but my book is coming along nicely. I think my biggest challenge will be giving each character their own voice. Here's to hoping I stick with it!