Monday, April 26, 2010

ClubLife II

Cielo by Lady Blue

So in news to me, vodka seems to get me tipsy/buzzed/drunk [this is relative] immediately. Or maybe it's the fact that I followed up a free rum and coke with a free cranberry and vodka that was ahem, mostly vodka. Can I just say what is with guys buying/offering women drinks? Are these the same guys who bitch about paying on dates? I wonder.

Being drunk is funny [I use drunk loosely since I have yet to be, and don't plan on trying it]. I'm a happy, sweet, smiley drunk [I think I start to believe I'm a sprite] but I am no less aware. Matter fact I'm quicker and more likely to tell a pervert to "Fuck off !" while inebriated versus sober. So for all those who had plans on getting me wasted and taggin - Errr... sorry to break it to ya.

So last night was a clusterfuck. I went to 230 Fifth - and the venue was beautiful but my experience was not. The cause for partying was some obnoxious Jersey Girl's B-Day party. She wasn't insufferable because she was from Jersey [qu'elle surprise!], she was terrible because she was feeling herself on a level that no one with her average looks and irritating personality should. Anyway, we get in on the account that the bday girl will buy two bottles of whatever alcoholic specialty, courtesy of her Dad's credit card. As soon as we enter, she decides she'd like to split the $600+ tab between the group of 10 or so of us, despite the fact that half of us didn't even know her an hour prior. So me and the group of girls did what I do best, told them to eff off, dispersed into the crowd and proceeded to party the night away with some new people.

My time wasn't totally ugly but it wasn't all that pretty. For some reason, nothing has yet to beat Tenjune as my spot to have a guaranteed good time. Anywho the venue itself was spacious and gorgeous, and I thought all the workers [the bathroom attendants, hosts, bartenders, doormen, bouncers] were all lovely. They always seem to be very kind to me - maybe it's because I have an adorable face, look nice and tend to be a lil sweetie pie when the likka hits my system.

Speaking of guys. I need to learn how to say "No. No I'm not interested." Despite what one might wrongly assume, I'm not a flirt and I'm definitely not an attention whore. With that being said, I still garner a hefty amount of attention - 90% of it being from men who wouldn't have a chance in hell with me. They are usually very interesting looking and by interesting I mean that their facial features usually match that of an exotic animal [I've met quite a few ostriches]. Anyway, being the nice girl that I am, and also accounting for the fact that I love to meet new people; I'll usually engage in a bit of small talk or entertain a PG dance. Since I have a habit of smiling and tend to be very relaxed, guys get the idea that I like them  like that - and as soon as I realize they've assumed that, I freeze and get kind of standoffish. [Can I just say that guys should really stop equating friendliness to flirting! This is an epidemic!] Then I'm accused of being cold and distant, and for some odd reason I care and attempt to explain myself but then they just think I'm making excuses - then the curtains falls and their charade is over. And then we part ways and forget one another and go on with our lives, only to meet someone else and do it again. Such is the club circuit circle of life. I guess this could all be solved by my quickly uttering "Not interested" from jump but I guess I find that kind of... mean? Yeah Lady Blue, miss tell-it-like-it-is, is worried about coming off mean. Yeah I'm trying to figure that one out myself. Maybe I'm engaging and nice because I wanna let them know that I appreciate their mustering of courage? I want people to feel their best, you know? Ahhh well. In the end, I let them down gently - and I guess that's all that matters.

The top three questions men ask me is my name and age "Lady Blue - 21", where I'm from to which I say "New York, of course!", and what's my ethnicity to which I make them guess. Sometimes they get it right, and sometimes they ask me if I'm from Washington Heights [I guess, to amuse/offend me]. I usually respond with something like "Do I look like I'm from Washington Heights?!" to which they usually shake their head no. Truthfully, unless I'm going to a museum or someone's brownstone, I really don't hang out above 59th st. And even then my adventures only extend to the 80s at most. So sue me.

But before I digress...

"In New York, the current clubs for the rich and famous and those who want to meet them are 1Oak, Avenue, Provocateur, and SL. Rose Bar and Boom Boom Room don’t do bottle service and are thus considered on the outskirts of its culture, though the latter, with its notoriously tough door policy, is the most exclusive late-night venue in town. Greenhouse, Juliet, Tenjune, and the rest are middle-of-the-road. Former hot spot Marquee is virtually off the radar for the cool crowd, having been all but replaced by its owners—Noah Tepperberg and former Uchitel beau Jason Strauss—with Avenue. Clubs have a short life span, and generally the owners of one that’s gone stale will open another instead of revamping the old, keeping the old one around to make money off the people who couldn’t get in when it was hot." - NYMAG 

This was something I found interesting, and also something I've heard echoed from people who are in the nightlife scene. Nightlife is so orchestrated. "Models" and promoters [aka glorified pimps] are hired to attract pretty faces - lines are held to make things seem as though the place is packed - Bouncers and security are terribly rude and unnecessarily exclusive... All to create this facade that NYC is hot and is the place to be. If it was so hot, there wouldn't be so much pretending going on... It's all a fucking sham folks! 

But I'm still in it to win it. I'm just reppin' for my town y'all!

Sunday, April 25, 2010


There's many of you who don't know what I look like. So this is a great post from which to get an idea. I decided to do a post of my doppelgangers, since I have often been told by friends, or stopped on the street by strangers and told that I look just like such-and-such. So here are the ladies I most often get compared to. [Although the last one is all my idea.]

Noemie Lenoir - Model
 I think this girl is GORGEOUS. But other than similar coloring, I'm not entirely sure I see a resemblance.

Denise Vasi - Model
Same as above. Denise actually looks more like my fleshly sister, albeit with lighter features. Ironically, she and I wear the same foundation in the same shade.

Corinne Bailey Rae - Singer
I find Corinne to look the most like me, especially considering we have the same haircut. I'm not sure how I feel about that though.

Rihanna - Singer

Although Miss Fenty is no doubt popular, I find her beauty to be the result of a swift makeup artist and a wonderful styling team. We have very similar coloring and features, but I find our "looks" to be entirely different. 

Cassie - Model/Singer
Cassie is absolutely adorable. Alas, we only resemble one another when my hair is blown out and long. Which is to say, not often.

Michelle Tanner played by Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen -Actresses
When I was a kid, Michelle Tanner was totes my doppelganger. Our identical looks seem to have gone their separate ways as we got older though.

Bar Refaeli - Model
Body-wise, I am super similar to Bar Rafaeli. Just imagine bonier shoulders, and slightly skinnier arms and we're in business.

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Looking back to find out what's next
Sometimes I wish I was certain of a God - so that in times of distress I could kneel down and pray. Pray to the lord for salvation! Alas, I'm agnostic so there goes that idea.
People! I am panicking. And I'm going to tell you why. I keep getting backed into a corner - into the same corner actually. Is this life's way of telling me this isn't where I'm supposed to be? Or do I just keep making the same mistakes?
Am I my own biggest enemy? My own biggest roadblock on the path to success? These are the questions that rack my brain every so often.
This corner is too familiar. I do not like this corner. No one puts Lady Blue in a corner! [RIP Patrick Swayze!]
I am not always humble or steadfast or focused. I am not always these things yet I am always these things - depending who you compare me to.
What a trick!
Do I acknowledge the errors in my ways and change or instead seek pursuits in life that align with my positives and flush out my faults? These are my questions. Questions to which there are no clear answers.
It seems easy to spit out advice and thoughtful musings from the top. What I want to know, oh lofty persons, is what got you through the day when you were tired, broke, frustrated, depressed, lonely? Because that is what will resonate. That is what will make the kids understand. That is what will make our hearts sing because we'll get it.
I'm a team player. I'm all for team effort. Networking. Helping you help yourself. Helping me help you. I plan on sharing the wealth. Life is nothing without my people. Do most others feel the same? No. They are bastards. But I digress. I see a lot of slack. A lot of waste. A lot of talk. A lot of people want to be somebody in their minds but in reality they can't/won't be somebody. Do you feel me?
"I want this but I won't be it." Penelope Trunk says we all know what to do next but we just don't/won't do it. It's not knowing what to do next that is the hardest part, it's the doing it. 
Is success an action word? Success means so many things to many different people. Fortunately or unfortunately for me, my idea involves a deluxe apartment in the sky and lots of sunny vacations.
Fucking standards!
Nobody likes risks or hard work or taking chances or putting their shit out there. People all live in bubbles of fear and complacency where the only vivid detours exist in our minds and on the TV screen. People want to stand out but lord knows they also want to desperately fit in.
What is the solution?! I think Nike had it right. Sometimes even I, the all knowing Lady Blue find it difficult to just do it. They say, life is hard. But is it?
I don't know The Joneses, and I don't care about keeping up with them. But I'll be damned if they reach success before me, especially since I'm probably more talented than they are. I am beyond this world. Now if only the universe would let me prove it.
  • "I don't sit here and think about all the shit I have to do - I just do it." - Kelly Cutrone on Kell on Earth.
  • "There is no right or wrong way to achieve success anymore." - How to make it in America's Edie Weitz [who is totally me by the way, but I'll touch on that later].
  • "The key to success is this: Do what you love and excel at it. The money will follow." - The same people who say money doesn't buy happiness.
  • "Do you want to know what you should do right now? Do you want to know what your best bet is for your next career? Look at what you were doing when you were a kid. Nothing changes when you grow up except that you get clouded vision from thinking about what you SHOULD do — to be rich, or successful, or to please your parents or peers… the possibilities for should are endless." - Penelope Trunk. 
I can't really remember what I was like as a very young child. There was more going on in my world than just recess and nap time and Saturday morning cartoons, and I was acutely aware of that. In a sense I think that stifled my true innocent nature - but despite that I recall always being fearless regarding new situations and meeting new people and being very innately creative. I was the one making mud pies with my plastic kitchen set and smashing up roses to make perfume. I took art classes in school for 6 straight years, and aced them all with flying colors and tons of awards to boot.
I love to read and write and draw [in that order] - these hobbies soothe me and they feed my innate desires for education, relaxation and communication. I love to socialize; as horrible and dumb and selfish as I think most people are, the thrill of a connection or someone new just never gets old - I love to learn about people and human nature, how we live, how we breathe, how we function alongside one another. I love to travel, whether near or far; there is an unmatched exhilaration in seeing new places and new things, and new worlds. And last but not least, I love being a compassionate snob because nothing is better. 
Success is waiting out there for me somewhere. I wonder how it will find me.
P.S. I was once asked how long it takes me to write posts, and I timed myself this time. Minus a brief edit, this one took 12 minutes. Stream of consciousness for the win baby!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Snippet IV

Damn... Marquee is just lettin any ol body in nowadays. I now remember why the last time I went there was 2.5 years ago - bad music, the awkward layout that seems to force everyone to crowd around the middle of the venue, and last but not least; the horrid clientele. I thought I'd walked into a hip-hop video that was paying homage to Weezy F. Baby and all his musical glory last night. I expected more from DJ Envy by the way - but as it turns out, he's just annoying.

Clubbing is still fun - but it has lost some of its allure for the following reasons: I've been hitting the town alone a lot lately because my friends can't hang - no doubt I can mingle and dance by my lonesome like a champ, it's fighting off creeps and walking home alone at 3am that become the issue.

The other reason is that I met someone. Someone that I think I like, who is in the scene and has been in it so long that clubbing is probably not what he wants to do on his days off [which saddens me because I wishing he was there with me when he's not.] Which is the other thing. When you're smitten with someone who's so good-looking, and so cool - everyone else pales in comparison and next thing you know, you're huddled in a corner, drinking with one hand and desperately texting your beau with the other. But you know, I'm not saying I've done this or anything. Usher understands.

And lastly, the scene gets old. Same shit, same dudes, same songs [if I hear "All I do is win win win no matta what" one more time, I'll scream] and same girls: tits out, weaves in, heels on, spandex everywhere, desperation wafting through the air.

So yes. I've indulged like mad, and I think I'm starting to pull back. Speaking of indulging, starting Sunday I'm embarking on a "No Sugar" week, eliminating all sugars from my diet for a whole seven days. I'd say that despite having a lightning fast metabolism and a god blessed figure, I still eat pretty well. The one thing I'm a beast about though is sugar: chocolate, soda, gummies, yogurt, cake, ice cream - you name it. I suffer from a sugar addiction and I have the cavities to prove it. I mean, I'm a little nervous about all this candy intake. What if I fuck up my system downing all this sugar? What if I give myself diabetes?! What if all my teeth fall out?! Why am I so addicted?!?!

So yeah. Next week, I will eat nothing with sugar. No soda, no juice, no cereal [not the kind I like anyway], no yogurt, no chocolate, no ice cream, no peanut butter and jelly, no coffee even [I like mine light and sweet]. It will be hard, and it will be brutal, but I really want to do it. I'm curious to see how much I'll crave it [or not] and what effect it will have on my body [if any].

I went to my very first baseball game tonight in Queens: The Mets vs. The Cubs. The stadium was really nice and the game itself was interesting, although both teams were playing pretty poorly. I was rooting for the team with the better uniforms/cuter players [and a player named Reyes because duh], and a little after we left we found out The Mets won. All I know is, where was Jeter? And when can I get tickets to see a basketball game? That's where the real action is! Plus it's indoors! Holla at me!

All I have to say is my phone takes excellent pictures. [And baseball players have asses like whoa.]

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Snippet III

I can't believe how much I got done today [two interviews, some errands, and some Real Estate work] how much I have planned for tomorrow [two interviews, a few trial hours at a boutique that I interviewed at today, some babysitting, some clubbing and a sleepover] and now that I think about it, how much has happened in the past week and a half - I got scolded by a "Greenhouse employee", I met with a few old friends and made some new ones, a child peed on me whilst sitting on my lap, a DJ saved my life!, I discovered some holy grail makeup [which I'll elaborate on in a later post], I discovered that I now have allergies, I went to some familiar places [The Shark Bar, The Museum of Natural History] and some new ones [Cafeteria, The Eldridge], I danced on tables, I swung on swings at the playground, I went to a comedy club with strangers, I partied like it was 1999 [one night I even went out alone - gasp!], I wandered around my coveted neighborhood - the West Village, I landed myself 5 interviews [and counting], and last but not least I came across a lot of colorful characters, including the man who truly invented sex.

April has been quite good to me. Or maybe I just got tired of standing still and decided to grab her by the balls and run. You know.

This pace is energizing and frenetic and makes me feel full of life but I can imagine it's difficult to keep up long term. I'm big on balance [and sleeping] and I like to keep my activities fresh and new [which is why I only partied four times last week]. I'm not opposed to routine but I'd like to build some sort of loose structure soon. That contradicted itself but oh well, I'm a Gemini, I'm okay with that.

I'm happy and I'm excited and I'm glad that the weather is warm and life is poppin and shit is going my way. They don't call me the Latina Carrie B for nuthin! But seriously, how do some people keep such a busy pace? I have found myself wondering when I'm gonna have a moment to eat, or go to the bathroom, or write this here blog. Don't even tell me I should think about doing all three at once.

I guess the higher up the ladder you get, the more help you're forced to get - whether it's a housekeeper, an executive assistant or a company AmEx, with which you can write almost everything off. Speaking of getting up ladders, I saw this comic a little while ago and thought it to be a very accurate portrayal of race relations/current minority status in America/the fuckery some people claim not to see.

Yes... yes! Only I can reference Sex and The City and then segue into racism like so.

Lady Blue makes you think! She also has like 55 other things to check off her to-do list so... 

Until the next time folks.

Saturday, April 10, 2010


I've kept this blog up for about a year now and in that time I've covered quite a few topics, mostly my awesomeness, how much people suck and Gaga.

There are topics I have purposely steered clear of though, and they are sex and money and how they relate personally to me. I'm old fashioned in some ways [gasp!] and strongly feel that its vulgar and OD [love that saying, hate that everyone uses it now]. Call me a prude or a tightwad, but I will continue to steer clear of those topics for these reasons:

Unless you are specially affected by my bank account or vice versa, there's no need for you to know how much money I do or don't have. Let's say you knew how much I made and it was a hefty amount - that would put you in a position to envy or judge me and my monetary choices ie: "Why is she driving that hoopty when she can afford the S Class Benz?" Or "I know she makes money but not enough to afford that Gucci." [Burn! In reality - I'm much more of a Prada girl.] Now if you didn't know how much I make, it makes it easy for me to feign brokeness when convenient. You may believe that you wouldn't react in such a nosy way, but count how many times you've asked someone about their financials. What was your motivation?

Either way, I always say it's not how much you make but how much you save. If you cash checks for a few hundred a week but don't save any of it - you're as good as broke.

Now when it comes to sex, I like to think that it should only be discussed between you and the person you're sexin'. I don't sex since I'm the second coming of the Virgin Mary - so therefore I keep it locked and I keep it tight! Simple. I also don't like to hear about other peoples' escapades - gay, straight and especially otherwise. Cool it now! Why do people like discussing that stuff in depth? Honest question.

Maybe it's all about bragging sharing how skilled you are [or how bad the other person sucked, pun not intended] but like beauty, I assume knockin' boots is all relative, and one man's trash is another man's treasure. Discussing sex for educational purposes is cool though. Can't you just imagine me with eyeglasses on and a diagram in my hand?

Now what really befuddles me are the people who refuse to discuss money but will tell you all about Tom, Dick, Harry, Tyrone, Sean and John and how they got down! And how many times! And on whose couch! Wait a minute! And now I've digressed. Anyway, this isn't to say that if I get a cash bonus or score a sweet hook-up I won't share it with my closest. I'm just saying I don't report my business to people like they're my accountant. I don't kiss and tell. And for the most part no one is positive as to whether I'm broke or I'm ballin.

...And I'd like to keep it that way.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Cielo Dancefloor by Lady Blue

Club nights, one of the reasons I love life... I love those guys. [And Pharrell. Duh.] Don't get it twisted I wouldn't date them, but I love their flow! Don't even get me started on "Back by Popular Demand" okay?! Because that is the jimmy jam fah real.

Okay enough of my made up lingo.

After about three nights in a row of clubbing, I now know why they call them Euro-trash *shudder*. I have yet to meet one guy from overseas who wasn't handsome and well-dressed and also, skeevy. It's a shame really, I could really use some help with my French [I've been slacking!]

Also free drinks are bomb, but I stop at the third. Always. Don't wanna be a slob sprawled out on the dance floor exposing my panties! [Although I have no qualms about dancing on tables. Standards!] Sloppy drunks R Not Us!

Speaking of drinks, I love me a rum and coke! Mostly because I am a pepsi ADDICT, but that is another story.

Girls in the club are funny. I was waiting inside TenJune [my fave!] with my adorable long-haired party buddy for our host. As we're waiting, these two gorgeous Kim K. lookalikes [and you know I think Kim K is the holy grail looks-wise] walk in, and one of them almost fell down the stairs she was eyeing me up and down so hard. Lil ol me. In my high-waisted skirt and wife beater. It was just kind of sad, because if we were to walk down the street, she could easily take me. But her lack of self-esteem just dropped her down to the ugly notch. Good luck with that ladies!

I think my inherent charm, fun demeanor and just overall chillness is a huge asset to me when it comes to social situations. So much so that I noticed me and my adorable long-haired party buddy were the only two chicks out of many that were immediately pulled into VIP. I think the fact that I'm pretty and well-dressed [classy is always sexy!] of course helps. That and the fact that I could dance circles around everyone there :-)

Now I know what Lady Gaga meant when she said "I've always been famous, you just didn't know it yet." Paparazzi chasing me and mad money in the bank won't make me feel any more special than I do at present.

Bottle Service at TenJune by a friend

After Greenhouse on Friday [which was meh btw], I met with the infamous Navyboy [or as you may know him, the oft aforementioned "Crush" or "Crushboy"] and hung out with him until the next afternoon, when I decided I'd better get ready and go lest I overstay my welcome. He jokingly uttered three very special words to me sometime during the night, and needless to say I feel like I'm back on the muthafuckin seesaw.

Speaking of crushes. Let me just preface this by saying that I rarely have celebrity crushes, as I don't buy into the hype, I don't care about money, and at the end of the day, you don't really know these people. With that being said, a few special people have fallen through the cracks [I'm looking at you Columbus Short!] and into my radar, thereby producing a so-called, celebrity crush.

Anywho I had a little crush on this one actor every since I saw his picture and read an interview of his some years ago. He seemed chill, level-headed and he was damn cute! So I saw this shall not be named actor in person a few nights ago. I immediately recognized him, and put my hand on his chest which stopped him in his tracks. I said "I know you", while he feigned adorable surprise. I then leaned in and whispered "I have a little movie star crush on you!" He laughed and leaned in towards me and said "Well I have a little pretty girl crush on you!" Lawd knows, if my skirt wasn't so tight, I would've gotten down on one knee and would have asked for his hand in marriage, okay?! I would have gotten it poppin on one knee in the middle of the club, ring or no ring okay?! After I fell out of my daze, I left him alone for the rest of the night [I didn't want to appear groupie-ish], despite dancing right beside him and mingling with his friends for the majority of it. He was really sweet and chill, and gave me a hug and said it was a pleasure to meet me as he left. *Swoon!* All I know is I've put down an offer for lunch and good conversation... that he'll hopefully take me up on. [For those who really want to know who he is, I'll say that his movie won Best Picture at the Oscars this year. Research time!]

Can I also just mention that Greenhouse has no right to be as snobby and picky as they are? Terrible music, zero space to comfortably dance, tacky go-go dancers, plastic leaves and vines stapled to every square inch, and the fact that they let people fucking smoke puts them on my S-List. Pretty shitty overall... I made the best of it, but I can't lie and say I wasn't itching to leave and meet up with Navyboy for some real eye candy.

And in conclusion, I'll leave you with this: ...I just crush a lot.

[EDIT: Peep this message I received today 3/12/10: I work at Greenhouse, and someone showed me your Facebook where you're claiming that a celebrity talked to you or whatever. The star you're talking about from The Hurt Locker has never visited our club. Please stop spreading lies. Thank you.
To which I responded: You're right, because that happened at TenJune. Please get your facts straight. Either way, thanks for paying my FB [and my blog obviously, since this is where I discussed this] so much attention. Toodles!

Can someone tell me what the fuck that was all about?!

Saturday, April 3, 2010


The look in their eyes, the way their voice melts. When we talk about New York City, it's like describing a first love. And whether the relationship was abusive, or dramatic or rewarding, we all recall it with such wonder and amazement. For those who've left, you probably wonder how you survived, for those of us still here, everyday we keep trying. And now, the first poem I have written in about three years about, what else? My wicked home, New York City:

I consider myself
quite broken
but not shattered enough
to be jaded
I am worn
and torn
and burned
if you exist
tell me why
you won't stop this
that lives in
this New York mess
Help me
conceive these
better ideas
because I know
I can see much
falling quite low
I'm poor
and I'm wasted
Cause I'm young
and seem aimless
and I can't get a
grip anymore
Help me
Believe me
Console me
New York City

This poem is an original work by me, Lady Blue. If you would like to share this poem, please note that explicit permission from me and proper credit are required. Any attempt to reproduce or profit from this work will result in immediate legal action. Thank you.