Monday, March 19, 2012

Loud & Clear

Dearest Readers,

As I was looking through Marie Forleo's archives for some magic, I found a gem that lit a fire in me. It was a video post about street performers [an interesting pair of entertainers that I've also seen in person], and how they weren't afraid to ask for what they really wanted: money for their time and effort. They entertained the crowd, made them laugh, did a little dancing, a bit of acrobatics... and right before their big finale they expressed that entertainment is how they made their living, and if the public enjoyed the show, they should spare a few dollars to keep it going. 

Which made me cringe.

Asking for money is something that I used to find gauche and somewhat weak – shit I use to exhibit a mild panic attack every time I had to ask my own parents for money as a child [perhaps because they - especially my Mother - were so tight-fisted! ...But that's another story for another day]. But over the years, I've changed my mind about the concept of asking for money. If you are someone who provides a legitimate service that helps and inspires other people [something which I've done for nearly three years now – stay humble], asking for money isn't something that should be looked down upon. Heck, we all need it to live don't we?

I'm no moocher. I never have been in real life, or on the net. I've done my share, I've put in my time, I've provided value. I've worked harder and used more brainpower these past few years than any other young lady I know. I've survived hell on earth too many times and have come out wiser and mightier on the other side. Suffice it to say:

If anyone is bound to make things happen, it's me.

As you all know by now, I'm starting work on my first novel [a story about ambition – told from various and wildly different perspectives], and due to the scope of the project [along with the countless interviews I'll have to conduct], the time and money needed are just not available to me right now. I'm planning to start work on it after my 24th birthday [June 1st of this year] and finish it near BlueShame's 5th anniversary in late March of 2014. In the meantime, I'll be making every effort to apply for loans and grants. [Oh, this is planned out to a T my friends! The prospects look bright!]

I now have the courage and the clout to ask my loyal readers for financial help.

Fuck a kickstarter or an IndieGogo [they never liked my ideas anyway], my paypal “Donate” button is to the right. All who donate will get personalized monthly emails detailing the novel's progress, and hopefully even a glimpse of what the money went towards.

You must know that in true Lady Blue fashion, I will do my best to follow through on this... and I won't disappoint! I mean, I've already made a public announcement about my plans – so there's no turning back now.

If you believe in me, my work and my vision, please donate some money. I don't care if it's five dollars! Let's make this novel happen. 

I'm making this request Loud & Clear, which by the way, is the title of the forthcoming novel. [I told you I wouldn't let you down!]

Lady Blue

p.s. - If you don't feel comfortable handing over your hard-earned dollars to an intangible cause, check out my new and gently used items for sale  – shipping anywhere in the world! You could also commission me for work by emailing me with your project or idea.

Friday, March 16, 2012

You feel me?

In answering this burning question How do you want it all to feel?, I was reminded that I'm essentially all about authenticity, pureness, realness. In case you didn't know: I love pretty things but I can do without all the glitz, the flash and the faux glamour [see: fur vests, and the all too played out “intellectual” duo of red lipstick and black rimmed glasses]. I love people but I can do without having various acquaintances littered all over the country and everyone knowing my name. The approval of the masses isn't important to me [if it was, this blog would be very different – daily outfit photos and soulless celeb news have no place here]. I'm a positive and adventurous person, but my thoughts and endeavors are primarily rooted in realism. I'm as real as it gets. And that's what everyone loves about me.

So how do I want it all to feel? In short: 

I like all things in my life to feel exuberant and true and solid.

Check it:
  • I want my life to feel like a slow and steady climb, always moving higher to the next level. It does.
  • I want my home to feel comfortable, warm, clean and beautiful.
  • I want my presence to feel pure, alluring and refreshing.
  • I want my beauty to feel natural, real and lit from within.
  • I want my love to feel admirable, strong and soft [I also like Danielle's version: I want my love to feel like a gorgeous secret that only he and I know. For eternity.]
  • I want my body to feel free, limber and powerful.
  • I want my friendships to feel uplifting, honest and fun.
  • I want my people to know that I think nothing of sharing the wealth, giving a leg up and putting them on. We're in this together.
  • I want my work to be fulfilling, challenging and ever-shining. 
  • I want my influence to make people feel high, possessed and able. 
  • I want my ideas to feel like fireworks.
  • I want my laughter to feel big and full and joyous.
  • I want my days to be full, organized and peaceful.
  • I want the end of my day to feel like nestling in a big chair with a warm drink, a fluffy blanket and an irresistible distraction.
  • I want my legacy to exemplify truth, freedom and love.
  • Oh, and of course I want BlueShame to feel like the wise and gorgeous big sister you never had.
I want all these things, and being the relentless little lady that I am, I have no doubts I'll receive what I desire.

Now I turn the question to you. How do YOU want it all to feel?

Monday, March 5, 2012

The Latest IV

This was a week of new and exciting discoveries:

A gratuitous photo of Times Sq. - just because I can

I discovered Arcona, a natural skincare line that's been around since I was born. The products are potent and pricy, but seem to be seriously worth it. I ordered my basic five set last week, and after my eager trial, I'll be reviewing it here!

Also the products at FarmHouse Fresh look delectable! I'll soon be reviewing some of them in my next Pretty Young Thing installment too!

I also bought a mini Haier washing machine. Doing my laundry is one of the few household tasks I loathe [grocery shopping is the other - all that carrying and lugging, ugh], not because I hate clean clothes or even folding, but because I hate trekking my usually gargantuan-sized bag of clothes across town to the neighborhood laundrymat. FUCKING HATE IT. And then I hate sitting there - bored - trying to drown out the noise of all the screaming children running around with glee. Not to mention the whole process is a guaranteed 4 hours. Fuck! I was not about that laundrymat life. I am not that woman. So I was gonna buy the machine brand new, but decided to check craigslist before I pulled out the credit card. Thank goodness that I did, because the nice young lady who sold hers to me saved me $165. Booyakasha! It fits perfectly in my bathroom, and minus a minor snafu [I could not figure out how to attach the faucet adapter – also some pieces fell down the sink - lols], and the aggressive deep cleaning I had to do [I almost died from the bleach + peroxide fumes, but my washer looks like new!] it seems to work magically. I can and can't wait to use it - I have 4 huge bags of laundry to get through.

In other news, it's amazing how much shit I've managed to fit into my little Carrie Bradshaw-esque apartment. Organization for the win!!! My whole apartment is very spic and span [one time, a girlfriend couldn't stop marveling at its cleanliness]. Minus the prerequisite of a husband, I could totally win a housewife of the year award. Every year.

Anywho. Other things I've recently discovered:

Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Spring Strut

The gorgeous Sam Edelman Marina pump that I first talked about here, now comes in a droolworthy peach [called Flamingo] and patent nude [Blush Patent] for spring. Hell yeah. This time I'm not so conflicted about which pair to get: I'm getting both. These shades are more my speed than the jewel-toned holiday set, plus they have the perfect hints of color for warmer weather. This shoe also currently comes in bright turquoise and black again [and there are still red, purple and blue pairs all over the net, as well as black/gold and gold]. And... that is all for this post. Glad to be of service!


My newfound obsession with Adele's song "He won't go" [yeah, I know I'm late] lead me to this beautiful piece of work created way over in Cali. I have love for all of the creative arts, but my passion for dance and gifted dancers trumps them all [with writing being a close second]. This piece was so flawlessly choreographed, with such an ingenious attention to detail. The dancers moves are fluid, yet precise and sharp. The song is wonderful [very R&Bish, which they obviously picked up on], their concept was brilliant, and the little story in the beginning that introduces their piece was inspiring. So many things in life are worth the risk y'all!!! I am gushing hard and I basically want to squeeze and adore all of them right now. Enjoy.