Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Lemme buy you a draaannnkkk

“You said you've never been drunk right?”

Three is my max!

Yes I'm almost 25 years old and I've never been stumbling, puking drunk. I've never had a hangover, and I've only been "buzzed" a handful of times. Getting pissy drunk has never appealed to me. A lot of people use alcohol to fuel their escapism, but I've never felt the need to escape. I like my life. And I don't need alcohol to obtain courage, for I'm as bold as they get. Plus I don't like losing control of my body, I'd much rather control it while grooving on the dance-floor.

So you might be asking yourself how do I avoid it? How do I stay faithful in a room full of hoes? Easy. I don't succumb to peer pressure, I don't like the taste of alcohol and I never buy it myself so I don't consume a lot, and even on a night where the drinks are extra sweet or someone is being extra generous, I know when to stop myself... which is usually right when I start to feel warm and as light as a flickering fairy.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Je suis un Artiste

"Learning to see" by Charmaine Olivia

I think that for many of us, creating art has become a means of survival. The moments when we let our artistic spirit run free have become small respites in our adult lives full of obligations. It is the slice of sweetness we carve out for ourselves, a method of expression we deem vital to our health. How some do not “get” art is a position I fail to understand, and one I am glad to have never known. My relationship with art has been exhilarating, profound, awakening. I have found solace in words, drawing lines, the movement of my feet, touching pencil to paper. I have found myself lost in the eyes of my images, in the shading of their brow, in their subtle expressions. I have shared some of my innermost thoughts while simultaneously reflecting many of yours. For me art has been, and always will be, a necessary beauty – a peace and pureness that swirls through my mind and takes me elsewhere. I have never tried to understand why I was inclined to draw, write, sing or dance. I only knew that these things made me feel wonderful and that I felt fortunate to not only have been blessed with these talents but to have had such intimate experiences with them.
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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Making my Ideals Real

I love when I write a blog draft, leave it with a cliffhanger for a moment, then come back to it in a week or two with more things to say... which is what happened here. Read on to catch up on what I've been up to.

New sentimental purchase
I'm proud of myself today. The 2013 “75% effort” plan of action is going splendidly! "2013 is the year of the manifestation" indeed.

I don't have a work schedule. I wake and work whenever I desire, sending emails to clients and working on assignments when I'm free. I didn't know where to begin with my novel, so I started free-writing for three hours a week, quickly typing up whatever came to mind, resisting the urge to edit the content as I wrote. I ended up creating a character that is dynamic and putting together a storyline for her that is intriguing. I've connected with some interesting new people [I believe that if you dig long enough, you'll eventually find a goldmine] and I know I'll continue to do so as this year carries on. Some may become life-long friends, some may even become lovers, but either way, I'm eagerly anticipating the unknown. I completely cured my skin of its ailments, and it's clear and smooth and glowing in a way that it hasn't since childhood. I've continually pruned my friendship tree, saying thanks but no thanks to many people that I would have spent pity time with just a few years ago.

Style icon!!! I may or may not have bought all of these exact pieces.

I spent some mighty dollars on new pieces, exquisite adornments that match my ideal, sophisticated, and somewhat new-found sense of style [more on this later!] I purged my place of all the needless stuff I'd acquired, and put aside a bulk of clothes, shoes, accessories and books to later give away. I discovered Trader Joe's [!!!] and grocery shopping is now a pleasant and exciting experience, one that no longer feels like a chore or robbery. My braces are coming off in a matter of weeks, I have a hair appointment at Ouidad next week, Paris is damn near booked, and Miami and L.A. are actually looking like very real possibilities [I finally found people to roll with!] There's also a birthday cruise that I'm planning with my oldest friend and a “not sure what I'm doing yet but it will be epic” celebration on or around June 1st for my 25th birthday. I've been trying not to let my dishes and laundry pile up, I've been practicing gratitude at every turn, and I refuse to lose faith that I can make my dreams come true. In fact, my faith in myself is stronger than ever. I have never looked and felt better, and I believe that I'm only going to continue to rise.

In the age of google and virtual reality, I have the world at my fingertips. And with my looks, brains and persistence, what can stop me? 

That's right. Nothing.

My ad for female friendship generated better responses than I'd ever expect from the internet - maybe because the post was firm and clear yet intriguing? I got about a dozen emails [there's a lotta lonely people out there - you're probably one of them too, don't front!], and I immediately clicked with two women in particular that I couldn't be more grateful for. They are both exactly what I was looking for in totally different ways. I took a chance, was choosy and got very lucky - but truthfully, so did they.

Since I'm crap at selling myself, would rather stick to practicing what I know, and finally feel ready to move my career to the next level; I decided to enlist the services of a PR professional. I spoke with a strong potential hire who - on paper at least - was so much more than I could ever ask for. He's the first man who said "I'm exactly what you need" whom I actually believed. We both seem to have major happy butterflies about the whole thing and I'm looking forward to seeing what we produce together. Cheers to our union and to this site's progress!

I also signed on to run background operations at the fun, fresh and innovative multimedia entertainment site - Kidz 'R EViL: bigger than a blog, smaller than a magazine, more exclusive than a cult. Felix [the creator] and I crossed paths on twitter, were impressed by each others work and decided to make a permanent collaboration happen. My official title is Director of Operations or “Smooth Operator” and the gig is official as of March 1st - coincidentally the same day I'll be meeting with my new PR pro to conduct our first brainstorming session. Check out some of the neat "Made in NY" videos that Felix and his team created here.

Wondering how OKCupid is treating me? Well I'll tell you. Although the latest contenders in my dating saga are a huge step up from the three complete losers I dated last year [all of them were liars with dead-end jobs who lived at home and two out of the three had kids] as well as all the hot but emotionally unavailable dudes I dated in the years before that - I'm afraid I still haven't met a solid match. Many of these new guys have good looks, flourishing careers, their own apartments and cool interests - but I still can't shake the 'close but no cigar' feeling I've gotten from everyone I've met. Ultimately, if I'm not really intrigued or impressed, it's for a valid reason.

Despite my dating journey being in the dumps, I have already found my wedding dress [pictured below] - so I'm somewhat prepared. If there's anything you've learned from me, it should be: Stay ready!!!

Swaggy. You didn't think I'd wear white, did you?

Over the past few weeks, after crossing off so many personal goals and making so many connection-based hits, I learned that if someone or something is a standout, then it's definitely for me. The wisdom of my intuition has been reinforced, yet again.  

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