Thursday, July 24, 2014

My greatest dream, revealed:

Lady Blue

After years of distraction, countless dead end jobs and a brief stint as a life coach, I am finally ready to admit the truth.

The truth is that I figured out what I would LOVE to do... but it was hard to admit it to myself, let alone the people around me. It seemed silly, presumptuous, out of reach almost. But if I couldn't even say it out loud, in the quiet of my solitary presence, how could I expect to attain it? How could it ever happen? And more importantly, why let the prospect of coming across “too cocky” give me pause? Perceived arrogance has never stopped me before.

So this is me tossing that grain of doubt out the window.

My ultimate dream is to make a six figure living... by being myself. I'm a blogger who has often been asked what my blog is about, (though it's fairly obvious if you just read my tag line). People had a hard time grasping that it was about me. I never wanted to use fashion as my vehicle, or food, or my nonexistent children... I didn't feel the need to be a “such and such” blogger. My personality has been my vehicle, and I know it's more than enough. For the foreseeable future, I would love nothing more than to create content for this here blog by writing, shooting videos, creating photo spreads even (!) showcasing my taste, thoughts and opinions on the world around us.

Instagram: KnownasBlue

Why? Well frankly, I've never met anyone like me. I'm a young New York Latina who is bright and well-spoken – a rare spirit who people of all races and genders can find common ground with, without much effort on my part or theirs. I have the logical, go-getting fearlessness often associated with men, and an affinity for beauty and fashion reminiscent of your typical woman. I have the balanced cultural perspective that comes from being raised by forward-thinking immigrant parents and a lackadaisical 'all things are possible' America. I speak Spanish and straight talk, I'm a badass with my head screwed on right, and I know I scare you a bit, but I'm positive I intrigue you more.

I enjoy the cheekiness of Lady Gaga and Drake, and the rest of my playlist goes from reggae to house to jazz by simply pressing shuffle. My favorite movies were directed by Woody Allen and Spike Lee, respectively. I find glimpses of myself in arrogant loudmouths like Chelsea Handler and her total opposite, Damon Dash.

The biggest reason why though, is that things in the sphere of popular culture are getting stale. If we're honest with ourselves, save for a few glimmers of light, the circle containing 'what's hot' has fallen flat. Not only that, but true depth and diversity are completely missing. Where are the people who look like me? (And talk like me and dress like me and act like me?) Better yet, where are the types who have diverse likes, the types who don't fit neatly into a socially pre-approved box?

The world needs a spark from a diverse young woman who makes you think and laugh and keeps you on the edge of your seat... or at least, the sphere I exist in does.

The first photo I ever uploaded, a candid taken while waiting for a friend.

I'm not Leandra Medine of ManRepeller or Emily Weiss of IntoTheGloss or Sophia Amoruso of NastyGal... women all who rose to prominence with the help of their multiple industry connects. I don't do cocktails with fashion magazine editors or have NYMag journalists on speed dial. If there's anything you learn as you grow and branch out creatively, it's that you can't wait for someone to choose you. Starting this blog a few years back was my way of choosing myself. And taking things to the next level via visuals is my way of choosing myself a bit more. But telling you guys how much I want this, how much expressing myself in this way means to me, is my way of giving you a chance to choose me.

If you have any ideas about how I can achieve my dream, introduce me. Choose me. We've already come this far.