Wednesday, November 26, 2014

What my 2015 is going to look like: Visual Version

 "One More" Elliphant ft. MØ

I heard this lovely little tune on spotify, and then just had to find the video. Needless to say, I am very pleased. I'm a sucker for a funky sound, unexpected personalities, and a woman with swag. Halfway into the video, I realized that the visuals reminded me of something... and that something is/are my plans for next year... which include utter badassness, and world domination, starting with Europe, of course. So here's the checklist for your giggling pleasure. [And if you're in London, Paris or Berlin - shoot me an email.]

My plans for 2015:
  • Visiting/Living in Europe ✓
  • Europe... period ✓
  • Plenty of public dancing [see 1:24]✓
  • Being rambunctious with friends ✓
  • Being driven around like the Queen I am ✓
  • Paying attention to the signs in the universe [the cuter girl and the far better dancer in this video - who I decided is basically me - is named Elliphant, a homonym for my favorite animal: Elephant.]
  • Speaking of homos... Lady homos? Oh yes, also. Thank you.
  • Making figurative music and perhaps literal, depending how much time I have.
  • Fine tuning my rap skills. There's nothing stopping me from being 2015's Lumidee/Nina Sky. Give it up for the Latina one hit wonder!
  • Simultaneously hollering things like such as "Stay with me tonight!" and "I'VE GOT MONEY!" whilst shimmying in my blue camo jacket. Now I don't have a blue camo jacket, but I DO have these spectacular 3.1 Phillip Lim Camo Pants. Which are silk.

Goodbye bitches and HELLOOO 2015!!!

Don't forget to be great!!!